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Play & Learn

Developing with personalized attention and motherly care


Pequenines Preschool! 

Our Mission.

Family Owned and Operated, Pequeñines is an idea that was born with our beloved son Eldarion in 2017. We believe in quality care and a warm, caring environment for all of our students. 

At Pequeñines, we will welcome your child into our family to nurture and support a healthy development. We support, value and promote a multicultural environment where everyone feels loved, accepted and encouraged to bloom. Our language immersion program is designed to allow your child not only to develop a second language but to also appreciate the diverse culture behind it. 

Why Choose Pequeñines?

Meals Provided

We provide home made meals daily for our children. We understand you are busy and you want what's best for your child. Let us take care of nurturing their minds as well as their bodies.

Outdoor Space.

We have our own private and safe outdoor space. You'll never need to worry about us taking your child out of the center. We will provide quality outdoor time in our wonderful and safe backyard.


We don't want distance to be a problem when it comes to reaching the highest quality Pre-k in East Harlem. We do a route from Morning side Park all the way to Pleasant ave Every day for those on the other side of town.

Qualified Teachers

All of our Lead teachers are certified with Masters Degrees. Our staff is experienced and committed to the early childhood field. Our reward is your childs development.